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Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI) was incorporated in 1998 as the not for profit research wing of Middle Earth HR - the World's 7th Largest Training Company.

Over the years CAMI has evolved to become a vibrant global research body operating through a virtual network in 23 locations supporting the development of practical HR competencies. CAMI involves senior academicians formerly from Harvard, Yale, Princeton along with C-suite HR management from leading global companies and top of the range HR consultants and trainers.

CAMI acts as the global advisory board to design curriculum, research on global trends in HR, build definitive career paths and competency maps, design conceptual and applied HR models and to t come out with cutting edge practical program designs, learning outcomes & certification standards. These standards, models are then given to Middle Earth HR to implement and run the programs.

CAMI's regional boards will modify the content keeping local culture and practices in mind in pursuit of "Globalization" of HR, which is one of the key elements of CAMI-MEHR programs and certifications.

Acknowledged by industry practitioners who head HR and Senior Corporate trainers, today CAMI is world's 2nd largest HR project support group supporting close to 2000 HR projects in over 1000 companies annually in over 23 countries.

CAMI research encompasses 4 areas:

  1. Driving and developing practical curriculum to train HR professionals on evolving competencies in HRM. CAMI has built detailed curriculums with Terminal Learning Objectives (TLO) and top level designs using the Reigeluth Elaboration Theory, evaluation and project guidelines in 14 critical certifications.
  2. An Annual research paper on competencies and careers in HR using a primary research methodology of studies of over 1000 companies' job requirements to analyze emerging trends as to what competencies are required in different regions of the world for HR professionals. It also studies career and salary trends.
    Download CAMI Annual Research Paper
  3. CAMI faculty and the project guidance team form part of the world's second largest HR project support group guiding over close to 2000 HR projects in over 1000 companies annually in over 23 countries.
    Download CAMI Mentored Corporate Project
  4. CAMI produces after a secondary survey of over 100 surveys, a detailed trend analysis in the following areas:-
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Performance Management
    • Instructional Designing
    • Learning and Development
    • Psychometric Testing
    • Organizational Development
    • Assessment Centers

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