Annual HR Careers & Competencies White Paper

The objective of this white paper is to create an awareness of the various career options in Human Resource Management, understand changes in the nature of HR roles and the Key competencies required to do these roles. The report also focuses on the demand dynamics of each role and the average salary. The geographical spread is taken for four regions - South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and US.

To accomplish this, about 3000 job request in the HR domain were analysed using the job description, knowledge, skill, qualification and experience and salary brackets for various HR roles. Based on the experience required for a job role the jobs were categorized into the lower level, middle level and the upper level. Broadly the HR job roles were analysed and categorized under the following streams such as Compensation and Benefit, Recruitment and Staffing, Culture Management, Training and Development, and Performance Management. The outcome is number of jobs in each vertical and in each level which will gives a clear picture about what percentile of jobs are in each vertical in different locations, also the competencies an individual must possess in order to be eligible for the job. From this the CAMI research team would be able to design a more practical curriculum for each domain and also educate the HR people about the latest trends in HR.


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