Mentored Corporate Project

Find the overview of best implementable techniques, methods, processes in various domains of HR that has been created by our Senior HR professionals across industries and countries. These projects since are real time and have had high success factor, will give you a bird's eye view of all the strategic HR interventions that can help you develop, fine tune or completely re-engineer any HR and OD process in various industries making to possible for your company to have an edge over other competitors through strong HR system & culture.

You can download or view any project by clicking the relevant button on each title.
HR Area Industry Title  
Compensation & Benefits ManagementIT/ITESTo develop an equitable compensation plan for the organization while maintaining a healthy balance between internal, external and individual equity. View Summary Download
Organizational DevelopmentManufacturingTo develop OD interventions based on MEC-CAMI model after analyzing the organization using a standard tool like Malcombalridge View Summary Download
Balanced Scorecard ManufacturingTo assess the strategy followed by the company and then create a balance scorecard for the organization as well as for the 3 departments to align them to the overall strategy of the company. View Summary Download
Balanced Scorecard ConstructionTo assess ABC Steel (a false entity) strategy from a porter’s Five force point of view and development of organizational scorecards View Summary Download
Instructional DesigningIT/ITESTo upgrade the employees with a scope of continued improvement of the tools used and to maintain efficiency and consistency of the content with minimum downtime View Summary Download

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